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Mental health doodle- what IS mental health

Visual Doodles of CBT and Psychodynamic Treatment Models

It can be hard to hammer down what actually IS mental health or mental illness, and how treatments work. Paradoxically, this sometimes feels even more confusing in the middle of graduate school as information from many different theoretical orientations flows out with the volume and velocity of a broken fire hydrant. Yesterday as we had…

Notes from Development Psychology

The amount of art in my notes is in direct proportion to how bored/tired/distracted I am in class. #itsontopicatleast my favorite part of these notes is the sentence I just dropped mid-word #sotired………#psychology #psychblr #psychotherapy #studynotes #handwriting #studyspo #handwritten #psych #illustration #recovery #recoveryisworthit #mentalillness #mentalillnessrecovery #mentalillnessawareness #keepfighting #staystrong #alwayskeepfighting #fixyourwings #psychblr #gradpsych #psychotherapy # #counseling…

Visual Key for Family Genograms

Genograms are like family trees, but have their own visual language so the complexity of relationships and intergenerationally transmitted issues can be concisely represented. This feels 100% up my alley so I’m really looking forward to the class I have on it this term.

Relational Therapy Class Notes

Advice my Relational Therapy professor repeats almost every class: learn to hear your inner voice as you listen to another person. Don’t cling to what textbooks say is a "correct" intervention, and don’t allow your natural defenses to control the interaction, both will destroy the possibility of an authentic encounter.

Health at Every Size (HAES) Training Sketchnotes

Your body, your community, and the kids in your shpere of influence need you to think critically about cultural messages about weight, who is allowed to eat what without judgment, and what being healthy actually means. Notes from a #healthateverysize training in Seattle. Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift by Linda Bacon…

handwritten academic paper

Sketchnotes in Grad School

During my second year of study to earn a Masters in Counseling Psychology I had to take a class called Psychopathology. At most schools, this is the class where you memorize DSM-V, how to diagnose different mental illnesses, and form treatment plans. We did all these things, however my professor was particularly interested in the…

Molotow Grafx Masking Fluid Pen – Tips and Tricks

  On the second-to-last day of my trip to Rome this summer, I was tired, lost, and wandered upon an art supply store on a narrow street near Piazza Navona. While there I discovered a product I’d not seen in the US before- masking liquid in a pen- and eagerly bought it for about 7€.…

How to pack a compact kit for making an art travel journal

My Travel Art Journal Kit

  Previously I’ve written about my favorite supplies, but when it comes to travel- especially international travel, the rules are different! In July 2017 I set off on a 25-day solo trip journeying from iconic spots in Italy, across the Adriatic and down the Croatian coastline and venturing into the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.…

APA Chapter Bibliography of Core Competencies in Relational Psychoanalysis

  A chapter by chapter APA formatted table of contents for Roy Barness’s book Core Competencies in Relational Psychoanalysis: A Guide to Practice, Study and Research Barsness, R. (2017). Core competencies in relational psychoanalysis: a qualitative study. In R. Barsness (Ed.), Core Competencies in Relational Psychoanalysis: A Guide to Practice, Study and Research (pp. 3-23). London…

mindfulness bullet journal layout

Mindfulness Bullet Journal Layout – Minimalist Printable Version

I’ve been slowly revamping some of my bullet journal layouts in the last few months. I’m still loving the content, but finding bullet journaling is more fun and less overwhelming for most people when putting together a layout doesn’t require a large amount of time just to prepare a page to begin journaling. Instead, I’ve been focusing…

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