Good group leadership requires vulnerability- but how can a leader be vulnerable in a way that empowers others?

Group Therapy Sketchnote: How Good Leaders Model Vulnerability

Preparing for print a selection of my psychology sketchnotes forĀ  my Patreon subscribers each month has been a fun experiment as I sort through sketchnotes old and new and learn the in’s and out’s of the best way to convert doodled sketchnotes to print-ready worksheets. This month I included in the PDFs this page of…

How to draw a brain

Growing Your Visual Vocabulary: How to a Draw Brain

The truth is, the majority of people who are “artists” have a limited ability to reach into their visual memory and draw an object. Instead, we rely on using models, still lifes, photos, or even Google image search to base our art on. When it comes to sketchnotes, bullet journalling, and classroom doodles, these resources…

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