You don’t have to have an uncanny ability to create outline letters in order to create bold outlined texts in your sketchnotes and bullet journal.  This post (part of a series of posts on ways to create dramatic subject-specific content during a live lecture or presentation), shares my favorite method for creating bold, tidy outlined letters in any color or style.

This method is easy to make part of your notes. Even if you are struggling to keep up with a speaker, you can still learn to space your notes and leave room for header text like we’re creating here. Later, when the speaker is answering questions or telling a story, you can come back to the open spaces in your notes and add relevant illustrations or headline text.

You just need a pen (I prefer sharpie pens) and a very very light grey marker (I use a copic marker in Neutral 0 Grey).  While just about any bleed-resistant pen will work for this technique, I have not located another marker that can create this effect without changing the brightness of the lettering when done.

Step 1: Letter Header with Faint Grey Marker

To begin, letter your word using the Neutral 0 Grey Marker . The N0 leaves a line that is easy to make out in bright lighting, but is very very faint- just faint enough to outline.

Step 2: Begin Outlining

Use your pen to outline around the edges of the marker letters. The marker makes it easy to outline your letters evenly- and even make slight corrections like I did with this “C”.

Step 3. Keep Taking Notes

Usually, live notes mean I don’t have too much time to spend on any one part. So continue note taking.

Step 4. Fill

Fill the outlined text when you have time. Because you’ve created the inisial design with such a faint marker, the N0 grey will minimially, if at all, impact the fill color.


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