Hey everyone, I’m excited to show you an early and very rough first draft of the new project that I’m working on- and share with you how you can get your hands on a copy before anyone else!

It’s a project sort of working with the popularity of bullet journaling, adult coloring books, and graphic novels and integrating it with the kind of journaling exercises that have been proven to be helpful in coping with mental illness and growing resiliency and the capacity to self-soothe. The format is a combination of fun infographics, bullet journal type interactive journal pages, and activities. Here’s an example:

 How to Get to Sleep Flow Chart - LindsayBraman.com

As you can see it has various pages balance small amounts of information with interactive pages that use a sort of bullet journaling format to re-imagine the kind of homework that therapist might give into a format that’s visual, empowering, and non-pathologizing.


I’m about to end the summer (where I had a bit more time for side projects) and go back to work and school full-time and I’m passionate about getting this project to print and out into the world. If this sounds like something you’d like to support in order to get your hands on, you can help.

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I’m currently building support to continue this project through patron. You can sign up above to be a monthly subscriber (which includes pages individually as PDFs as I finish them) or you can make a one time donation towards my dream of reimagining how individuals access and empower themselves towards mental health.

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