If I had an FAQ, one of the questions would be “how do you take notes in class and keep up?” I like how these two photos provide some insight to my process. The key is not stressing about finishing one element before moving to the next. If I know how I want to structure the words- i.e. a banner or a bracketed element, I just write the words in that shape and move on, knowing that later when the professor is telling a story or answering a question, then I can actively listen while doodling outlines, shading, or color-fill.

doodle noteshow_to_doodle_notes_step_by_step_2



Monday’s class was the opportunity to do a spread with a cool color combo I’m a fan of right now: YR20 Yellowish Shade, R01 Pinkish Vanilla, R02 Rose Salmon & my standbys neutral grey 0, 1, and 2.


psychopathology wk8_pg2.PDF

psychopathology wk8_pg1.PDF

psychopathology wk8_pg3.PDF

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