Seattle-based doodler & graphic recorder for hire for events, presentations, and consultation. Make your next presentation, corporate training, or brainstorming session exciting and engaging via the addition of a live action illustrator. Rather thanĀ  image-based illustration, which can distract from ideas, my unique skill is emphasizing words and ideas by illustrating your actual words.

1. Live-Action Doodles of Your Ideas: Make your Presentation more Memorable with

Do you want to make your audience talk about your presentation? Do you want to communicate more effectively to non-linear thinkers? Hold the attention of hard-to-impress VIPs? shift anxiety-producing-attention from your appearance at the podium to your ideas? Hire me to illustrate your next presentation live or via pre-recorded video. Thematic illustrations created in vivo help all listeners engage with the material presented, but particularly help deliver abstract concepts to visual thinkers, tactile learners, and highly creative audience members. The live-action method keeps your audience engaged and entertained, while understanding and remembering more of your content.

I am based in Seattle and available to travel. See bottom of page for more info.

seattle based doodle-illustrator for consulting and live-action doodling
An example of my textual graphics that can be created in advance or live during your presentation

2. Graphic Recording & Mind Mapping Services: Make your Next Corporate Retreat more Productive

We all have the ability to think visually and spatially, so why do most meetings and even brainstorming sessions operate in a linear and chronological format? One service I offer is attending your meetings and non-intrusively working on the sidelines to quickly pull ideas and concepts from conversations and then placing them visually on whiteboards or wall-sized tablets for your team to interact with. As development of ideas advances through your meeting or retreat, I continue adding your new ideas while locating and illustrating connections back to previous concepts. This connection method allows your team to see themes and connections easily missed when meeting minutes are created in a linear text-only form.

Your team, when illustrated in my graphic recording method, can see their work in a different way, unlocking their own creativity, productivity, and efficiency. Contact me below to start a conversation about how I can help your team work more efficiently and creatively at your next meeting or retreat.

mind mapped meeting notes
Example of meeting notes from a 3-session meeting. For the sake of example, each section was graphically recorded using a slightly different representational method.

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