I work with artists (and creative individuals who may be reluctant to take on the name of “artist”) one on one to identify strengths and weaknesses and build upon them in order to grow your voice, your skill, and financial sustainability for your artistic journey.

Sit down with me (in Seattle or by video chat) to explore and reimagine your creative journey around topics like:

  • finding your creative voice
  • developing an artist-business plan
  • how to intentionally grow your skills as an artist-learner
  • identifying and breaking through creative blocks, and more.

Artist Coaching combines my own experience as an artist and an art group facilitator, experience launching 3 successful companies, and the graduate-level psychological research I’ve done on creativity, flow, shame, and mindful creativity.

I’m passionate about helping artists find and free their voice and cultivating the financial sustainability needed to create.

Honor your creative self through artist-coaching. This service is accessible through Patreon.

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