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Cheat Sheet of Hand Drawn Banner Doodles

I volunteered at a counseling conference at school this weekend. The material presented was fantastic, but also a lot of review from courses I’m in or have taken at school, so I didn’t take very detailed notes. I always like to keep my pen and paper at hand for when a new idea is presented…

How to Draw Antler Laurels in 4 Easy Steps

  Problem: Drawing Antlers is Hard I love drawing antlers in my sketch notes to frame a quote or concept but, let’s be real, antlers are really hard to draw freehand. I’ve been trying to intentionally practice sketchnote elements I don’t use often because of previous not-great results- and antlers definitely qualify for that category.…

Pony Coloring Book Pages

A few years ago I created these dog and pony line drawings for a friend, which evolved into black and white coloring book pages I’d keep in my office for kids when their parents were visiting. They were based on my horses and a a friend’s horse, so while they have lots of sentimental value,…

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