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Pony Coloring Book Pages

A few years ago I created these dog and pony line drawings for a friend, which evolved into black and white coloring book pages I’d keep in my office for kids when their parents were visiting. They were based on my horses and a a friend’s horse, so while they have lots of sentimental value,…

Cartoon style Sketchnotes

Doodle Notes – Theology – Class 4

It’s Wednesday! Which means a heaping serving of Theology bright and early and a long evening of Student Leadership from 6-8. This week’s topic in theology was Imagining the Trinity, and conversations around unity, separateness, and why the church looks so isolated and disjointed when the image of the trinity is one of movement and…

Cartoon style Sketchnotes pathology psychology

Doodle Notes – Psychopathology Class 4

I kinda hate 1 of this week’s Psychopathology notes, and LOVE page 2. Proof that I’m still learning and experimenting a lot. Page 2: My favorite! In which the professor shared a candid piece of encouragement about the foolishness often experienced by therapists in relational psychotherapy and a classmate dared me to doodle-note it for…

Doodle Notes – Theology – Class 2

What my notes look like when I’m 99.8% checked out for the first hour and a half of class. This Wednesday morning felt particularly early after a particularly long and emotional night the night before. Thankful for a school where attention is requested not demanded, and self care via dissociation is an acceptable reason to…

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