The psychopathology lecture on Monday was preempted by a Mid-term exam, but the preceding weekend my cohort attended a conference put on by the Seattle Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, where these notes were prepared on my lap. Presentation the first evening was on grieving and loss in a psychoanalytic relationship, given by by Judy L. Kantrowitz, PhD.

I struggled to remain attentive throughout this series of lectures, but doodling helped. These lecture sketchnotes are not my favorite, but I’m pleased with them because this page represents trying some new things, artistically, with results I’m pleased with and will continue to use:

  1. Fall, Ya’ll! This lecture was held at the horticultural center and, admittedly, my heart was just drawn outdoors the entire time. Gorgeous specimen laden with brilliantly colored foliage beckoned me outside the entire time. Grabic Copic Sketch Marker colors YR23 & YR31 seemed fitting to create a seasonally appropriate color-scheme.
  2. Color-tone shading. Though I’ve posted a lot of notes with grey shading, I’ve not experimented with blending color on sketchnotes till this lecture- I usually prefer the straight-forward appearance of flat color fills but here the YR23 & YR31 worked to create dimensional shading.

3. Foll Foliage Laurels. My Laurels have always been green. Why? Because I guess I thought laurels had to be green. This was a fun experimentation with a different color of laurel wreath doodle, and my first shot at shading a laurel wreath.

My wandering attention birthed this fall foliage laurel icon in my sketchnotes, shaded with YR copic markers.
My wandering attention birthed this fall foliage laurel icon, shaded with YR copic markers.

Click Here for a PDF download of these sketchnotes
Copic YR23 & YR31 Used for a Fall Color Pallet - SPSI grieving and loss in a psychoanalytic relationship- by Judy L. Kantrowitz, PhD. Lecture Notes by LindsayBraman.com


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