I mostly like my header, but otherwise I’m not loving notes from psychopathology this week. I’ve been using a 7″x10″ mixed media notepad for most of this term, and while I’m happy with the paper, working on a page smaller than 8″x10″ is impacting my spacing and letter size, I think- either I am trying to fit the same amount of information on a smaller page or spacing out too wide counting on not having as much space- things I hope will work themselves out with practice.

This week my notes are really sparse. Attention was scattered as I battled exhaustion and the beginnings of a cold with event planning- to say nothing of the 50 page paper due for psychopathology on Monday and a intensely personal reflective piece due for another class on Tuesday. Whew! That makes me tired to list! At any rate- that’s how I needed up with 1.25 pages of notes from a 3 hour class.


csl_psychopathology_wk9-1 csl_psychopathology_wk9-2

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