I’m Lindsay!

I figure two types of people click on my about me page: people who are curious about me, my journey, and my process, and folks who wonder just what makes me qualified to write and illustrate on the topic of mental health. In either case, here’s what you’re looking for:


I’m a therapist, and an LMHCA in Washington State. In 2019, I completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology from a Relational Psychoanalytic-focused graduate school in Seattle. LEARN MORE.


These days I create full time from a lovingly restored old storefront in a historic arts and culture district in Saint Louis. LEARN MORE.


My Mission

I believe access to information can change lives, and that information translated into a visual format is a more accessible, equitable way to share important information.

I believe that art can demystify therapy, help give people tools to seek care, and can help us care a little bit better for ourselves and others.

I consider myself a visual translator relaying concepts from reference, research, and my own experience into easy-to-understand graphics. Patrons, whose support helps me balance sustainability with accessibility, have helped me create and release new art regularly since 2018.

I grew up in rural Kansas and received a bachelor’s degree in English in Missouri. Before my career shift into the mental health field, I spent a decade working in tech. I launched several e-commerce companies including, eventually, my own. My work is informed by my experience growing up as a young artist in a rural under-served area, a career as a tech entrepreneur, and my time working as a mental health professional in a world that struggles to locate hope. In fact, these experiences deeply influenced the piece I created for the Museum of Modern Art in 2022.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Before branching into private practice I was based in a community mental health clinic in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of South Seattle, where I worked with teens and adults with diverse challenges.

My therapy practice is currently closed as I focus my energy on creating new art, building community in my new home in Saint Louis, and rehabbing a 120-year-old beauty salon on Saint Louis’ famous Cherokee Street into my art studio.

Giving Back

Let’s work together!

While I’m not currently able to take on commissions, I love hearing from you. If you’d like to suggest an idea or share an article, podcast, or book you’d like me to see, drop me a line.


  • I summarize emerging research in the mental health field into what I call “visual soundbytes” – fun to read and easy to remember slides that keep patrons up-to-date on emerging research without slogging through research journals.
  • I create worksheets to help you (or the folks you work with) track, manage, and self-advocate around mental health concerns. 
  • I reformat all my art as high-resolution printable PDF’s for patrons. These PDF’s can be printed, framed, gifted, or used in 1:1 professional work as an educational resource.

Lindsay Braman Mental Health Illustrator

Lindsay Braman MA LMHCA is a therapist and mental health illustrator who creates engaging visual representations of complex topics in psychology and mental health. Lindsay's work seeks to increase accessibility to mental health education in order help everyone care a little better for ourselves and others. Lindsay's work has been featured by the Museum of Modern Art and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as Forbes, Buzzfeed, The Mighty, and more. Lindsay creates from a lovingly restored 100-year-old service station in Saint Louis, Missouri's Cherokee Arts District.

Email: lindsaydirect682@lindsaybraman.com

Address: 3409 Iowa Ave, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63118, USA

Gender: female

Job Title: Mental Health Illustrator