A printable resource on best practices for working from home

Work From Home Self Care Mini-Poster

Download includes 1x 1-page poster, and 1x 2-page version that features larger artwork. For more information on this resource, read the article on Work From Home Self Care.

Spanish Language Emotion Sensation Wheel Bundle | Poster, Handout, & Worksheet

Rueda de sensación de emoción en español – Paquete de 8.5 “x 11” Countless therapists, teachers, and individuals have let me know how helpful my Emotion Sensation Wheel has been as a tool to help people grow emotional awareness through prompting thought about the physical sensations that accompany emotions. Now, I’m happy to announce it’s available in…

an image showing three inset circles. The inner wheel is basic emotions- happy, sad, disgust, etc- the middle circle contains feeling words- despair, disappointment, awe, etc. The outer circle contains words that describe a sensation that someone might feel in their body if they were feeling the corresponding emotion.

Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel – Therapy Resource

What is the Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel? It’s an adaptation of the “feelings wheel” that many therapists and educators use to help people learn to better recognize and name their emotions- But my take is a little different: the outer circle of this feeling wheel swaps emotion-names for descriptions of the physical sensations that often accompany…

Hand model of the brain

Hand Model of the Brain – A Doodle Illustrated Poster

Buyers will receive a bundle of 4 PDFs: The first two pages are the hand model of the brain art in 2 different layouts. The final 2 pages are the same as the first, except they have an ink-usage-friendly plain white background. For a preprinted, full color poster size version, visit my Society6 shop. Price…