Thumbnails from sketch notes on parenting and childhood adversity

Sketch note pack on parenting and childhood adversity

This six page PDF includes two different sketch notes: a sketch note on parenting,  patreon/paid exclusive full-page of sketch notes on childhood adversity, a detailed pane taken from the sketch note on childhood adversity, and a second copy of each of these three items that are optimized for printing and have a solid white backgrounds.

Magical Thinking Art + Worksheet

You’ve reached the download page for my art + worksheet on Magical Thinking. Click here for the full article.  Available for download below: resources on Magical Thinking. This bundle includes a full color, full-page print of my art on Magical Thinking thought patterns plus a black and white coloring-book-style worksheet designed to help a user…

Coping Skills Psychoeducational Resource

For more information on this infographic, view the article.   Purchase includes a digital download of a high resolution PDF version of this image suitable for printing or framing, for stickers, mugs, or other items featuring this image, check the store.

Feeling Forecast Worksheet Pack- Emotion Regulation Teaching Tool

Feeling Forecast – 3 pc Kids Worksheet Set

This excerpt from the COVID KID’s Activity book is a 3 page bundle of two separate activities that can be completed together or as separate activities in a multi-day unit on understanding feelings, coping with negative emotions, empathy, and developing awareness of emotions. The Feeling Forecast is a coloring book page and activity designed to…

lindsay braman trauma avocado teaching model

Trauma Recovery Avocado Model – Print Resource

For an article about my avocado metaphor for trauma recovery, check out the blog post. To download the digital art, choose an option below. For other formats (professionally printed poster, coffee mug, stickers, etc) visit my print-on-demand supplier.

Hand Model of the Brain – A Doodle Illustrated Poster

Buyers will receive a bundle of 4 PDFs: The first two pages are the hand model of the brain art in 2 different layouts. The final 2 pages are the same as the first, except they have an ink-usage-friendly plain white background. For a preprinted, full color poster size version, visit my Society6 shop. Price…