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“What I Mean When I Say I’m Fine…” Pie Chart Making Art Worksheet For Teens in Therapy

People who struggle to identify feelings or communicate about emotions often report feeling “fine” or “ok,” even when they most definitely do not feel ok. This simple worksheet, inspired by a prompt tucked into my Ideas for Art Prompts for Expressive Therapy, is designed to empower individuals to dig a little deeper behind their “ok” and visually explore how lots of different feelings and personal truths can be valid at the same time.

Free PDF worksheet for making expressive art with teens and adults


This 2-page PDF includes both a blank worksheet and sample, filled-out version of the worksheet for demonstration purposes. This worksheet is part of my Collection of Prompts for Therapy Art Groups.

Note: “Professional Use” license includes permission to use in small groups (less than 20 people per group) that the purchaser leads directly, “Group Practice” permits use in small groups for the purchaser and their direct colleagues working in the same organization.