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Covid Kid’s Activity Book: A Resource for Families through Quarantine and Beyond – Shipped Product

A therapist-designed activity book created to help kids process COVID-19 and thrive beyond quarantine

Not just a coloring book: this 25-page activity book contains a combination of coloring pages, age-appropriate writing or drawing prompts, interactive family activities, and brief bits of kid-friendly wisdom on coping with big feelings.


More Information About this Product

  • Fun & Interactive: Experience more than just coloring with this activity book! It offers a mix of coloring pages, age-appropriate prompts for writing or drawing, interactive family activities, and kid-friendly wisdom on handling big feelings.
  • Therapist-Developed & Research-Backed: Created by a therapist, based on research from Johns Hopkins University, this workbook focuses on building resilience in children facing the challenges of COVID-19 disruptions.
  • Suitable for Ages 4-10: Designed for kids between 4 and 10 years old, this 25-page workbook helps them process their COVID-19 experiences. Younger children can enjoy the activities with adult support, while older kids can independently journal or create art based on the prompts.
  • Supports Social Emotional Learning: Ideal for parents, educators, and therapists working with elementary-age children, this resource can be used in-person or through remote learning. Complete the activities individually or together, during sessions or between classes.