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Covid Kid’s Activity Book: A Resource for Families through Quarantine and Beyond – Shipped Product

A therapist-designed activity book created to help kids process COVID-19 and thrive beyond quarantine

  • FUN AND INTERACTIVE – Not just a coloring book, this activity book contains a combination of coloring pages, age-appropriate writing or drawing prompts, interactive family activities, and brief bits of kid-friendly wisdom on coping with big feelings.
  • THERAPIST DEVELOPED & RESEARCH BACKED – Developed by a therapist based on Johns Hopkins University’s research in helping kids develop resilience to adversity, this workbook is specifically designed to support healthy coping for kids dealing with the disruptions of COVID.
  • FOR AGES 4-10 – This 25-page kid-friendly workbook is designed for helping kids ages 4-10 process their experience of a world with COVID-19. Younger kids can complete activities with more adult help, while older kids and work independently to journal or create art in response to prompts.
  • SUPPORTS SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING – This resource can be used by parents, educators, and therapists working in person or through remote learning with elementary age children. Activities can be completed as individual worksheets finished together or as tools to completed between classes or sessions.

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