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Crisis Plan Tearaway Notepad – Shipped Product

Crisis Plan Fill in The Blank Notebook with Tearaway Worksheets – 50pgs – 8.5 x11 inches | for Therapists, Social Workers, Counselors, School Psychologists

Crisis plan tearaway worksheets

  • 50 FILL-IN-THE-BLANK PAGES – Each notebook includes 50 preprinted worksheets bound together in an easy-to-use tearaway notebook. The 8.5 inch x 11 inch notebook includes 50 sheets of black and white worksheets with a heavy chipboard back to make writing on the go easy.
  • APPROACHABLE AND ACCESSIBLE – This crisis plan worksheet is designed to be used alongside clinical resources to create crisis resources that clients will use, share, and refer back to. Having a plan for handling a crisis can help people access care, know who to call, and what to do- a plan can help soothe a dysregulated brain, calm frazzled nerves, and help people who are struggling take a little better care of themselves until they feel better or help arrives.
  • FOR KIDS AND ADULTS – These worksheets have a playful but not childish design, making them suitable for use with adults as well as teaching teens and older children about self care. Worksheets can be completed with clients or students who are not in crisis as a way to build skills for coping with crisis.
  • FOR THERAPISTS, COUNSELORS, and CLINICIANS – Ideal for high school teachers teaching social emotional learning and mental health skills as well as in session with counselors, and psychotherapists alongside clinical safety plans as a way to collaboratively create crisis and suicide prevention resources.
  • TRAUMA SENSITIVE & FLEXIBLE– This therapist-designed notepad includes crisis plan worksheets specifically designed to trauma sensitive, adaptable, and highlight a person’s ability to know what good care looks like for them. The less-clinical format and care-focused prompts may be easier to use for many trauma survivors than clinical resources.

IMPORTANT If you are in crisis or need help creating a crisis plan urgently, reach out to a mental healthcare provider in your area, contact the crisis text line by texting “home” to 741741, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. The educational resources included on this site are not therapy and do not replace mental health treatment or crisis services. For more information see Terms of Use.

THIS NOTEBOOK IS FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY unless used by a licensed professional in the context of supplementary clinical materials and a treatment plan. This notebook is not a standalone clinical resource or intended to replace diagnosis, assessment, or treatment by a licensed mental health professional.

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