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Drama Bonding Zine: Digital Download

This 2.5″ x 2.5″ zine playfully walks the reader through the basics of Drama Bonding, to get at this complicated relational issue in an approachable, engaging way. The digital download includes an 8.5×11 foldable zine and instructions on how to fold it!

Our hope is that breaking down big concepts into a series of small illustrations makes Drama Bonding ideas more accessible. For more information on Drama Bonding, read the article.

Image Description

The image is of the small, square-sized downloadable, foldable zine. The zine is sitting upright on a table with a brick background. The title page of the zine is facing the camera. It is a white cover with black, handwritten font that reads, “A Beginner’s Guide to Drama Bonding by @LindsayBraman.” The words “Drama Bonding” are in red block letters with black outlining, and emphasis marks are around “drama.”