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Feeling Forecast – 3 pc Kids Worksheet Set

This excerpt from the COVID KID’s Activity book is a 3 page bundle of two separate activities that can be completed together or as separate activities in a multi-day unit on understanding feelings, coping with negative emotions, empathy, and developing awareness of emotions.

The Feeling Forecast is a coloring book page and activity designed to teach kids about emotional regulation (and why sometimes everyone needs to take a break to calm-down in order to stay able to listen and learn). Learning outcomes: being better listeners, growing empathy, and growing the ability to notice when they begin to feel overwhelmed.

The Sunshine/Raincloud Family Check-in is a great take-home activity to help kids learn to develop empathy and listening skills. Learning Outcomes: Understanding that feelings come and go and Empathy Development.

For more information on these downloads as well as links to the research supporting them, check out the full post.

Feeling Forecast Worksheet Pack- Emotion Regulation Teaching Tool - PDF Download