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Fight, Flight, Freeze, & Fawn Bears – Illustrations for Slides, Lectures, & Presentations

Image mock-up of the Fight Flight Freeze Fawn Bears as slide downloads

This download includes a bundle of 17 digital assets pictured above:

  • A Bear illustrating Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn,
  • A corresponding image regarding “How to Be in Relationship” with someone who demonstrates that stress response,
  • A corresponding image of how that stress response may manifest.
  • The Wheel of Tolerance, and
  • Quadrant close-ups of the Wheel of Tolerance.

These PNG files can be embedded in your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation and used for teaching in both education and for-profit contexts. Resources from this minimally-watermarked bundle may not be republished in print or digital form (i.e websites, social media, or blogs).

If you are interested in print republishing, use on a website or blog, sharing via social media, or other use not listed below, contact me. I or my team can help arrange a licensing fee to help you access the illustrations you need while keeping my art sustainable.