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LB Maladaptive Overcontrol – A Ultra-Neat Handwriting Font Free for Personal Use

Handwritten font for download

I named this font because I created it while learning about a type of therapy for individuals  struggling with  “maladaptive overcontrol.”  People who struggle with maladaptive overcontrol often experience rigidity and a lack of spontaneity.  Studying this inspired the creation of this hand-drawn font comprised of painstakingly shaped and reshaped letters. I designed this font to be as standardized as possible while still maintaining many of the unique qualities of my own handwriting.

I needed a font for my professional illustration that merged the clarity and readability of a sans serif typeface with my unique handwriting – a font that could replace hours of careful individual lettering in my text-based art. As an illustrator that often features text my art, I often have had to choose between standard typefaces or tediously handwriting descriptions. Most handwriting fonts tend to favor freer, looser lines and playful loops – just like most individuals’ handwriting. The font I needed had to be more reserved, tightly controlled, etc. thus “overcontrol” became a fitting description of the font that resulted from this attempt at creating a very standardized handwriting font.

IMPORTANT: This font is available with two different licenses.

Free for personal use: the free for personal use version of this font is, for now, free to download. You may use it on personal documents, educational projects, and not-for-profit media.

License for commercial use: when you pay for the license for commercial use, you’re also sporting the creation of more art, fonts, and mental health resources. The commercially licensed version of this font is okay to use for all uses, including commercial graphic design, for-profit work, etc.


2022 Update: The premium version of this font includes a folder with versions of the font that include characters for additional languages:  2 handwriting style font with Spanish characters (heavy and light versions) and 1 handwriting style font with Turkish and Ukrainian characters (medium weight). The Turkish hand-drawn font also includes the Armenian, Bulgarian, and Mongolian alphabet. [View a preview here]

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