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Genogram Symbol Flashcards – 125 pack (Includes Basic Ecomap and Health symbols)


This PDF includes 125 print-your-own mini flashcards covering the identities, events, relational patterns, and health issues contained in the standard Genogram visual vocabulary, PLUS the symbols used for gender identities and groups within LGBTQA+ communities (note: collaborate and assign gender/sexuality symbols in a client-preferred way)  as well as additional cards covering the 5 basic symbols used in making ecomaps (a model that examines relationships between and within non-family systems)

printed Genogram symbol study flashcards


Printing flash cards can be a little tricky, so I’ve got two options:

Option 1: Make sure your printer can print double-sided, then hit CTL+P, turn ON duplex printing, and select “flip on long side.” Make sure the page size is set to “actual size.” Run a test print of the first 2 pages.  If cards print unaligned, open the file using the built-in PDF handler in Chrome web browser and print through chrome’s print dialog with the same settings.

Option 2: Avoid the headache of alignment when printing double-sided by printing one-sided copies of only the odd-numbered pages and hand-writing the words on the back (although a little more work, this engages a different part of the brain, than just using the flash cards, which helps boost memorization)

Once printed, cut apart with scissors or a paper cutter to use as flashcards.

For best results print on cardstock (or DIY your own by cutting file folders to 8.5×11 and feeding through your printer).