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Genogram Template Tearaway Notepad – Shipped Product

Genogram Template Blank Notebook with Tearaway Worksheets – 40pgs – 11 x 17 inches | Professional Mental Health Resource for Therapist, Social Workers, Counselors, School Psychologists

genogram template tearaway notebook

  • 40 XXL FILL-IN-THE-BLANK PAGES – Each notebook includes 40 XXL preprinted worksheets bound together in an easy-to-use tearaway notebook. The 11 inch x 17 inch notebook includes 50 sheets of black and white worksheets with a chipboard back to make writing on the go easy.
  • FLEXIBLE– This worksheet provides ample space for collaborative creation of personally-significant symbols to accommodate all identities. Each genogram you make using this notebook will be personable and approachable- and easier to refer back to by people who might be alienated by an overly technical printout.
  • FOR THERAPISTS, COUNSELORS, & HEALTH CARE – Ideal for teachers teaching family tree activities, plus social workers, counselors, and psychotherapists. Doctors and nurses can use this genogram pad to track hereditary diseases and addition through intergenerational transmission.
  • APPROACHABLE & ACCESSIBLE – Unlike computer based genogram tools, with this notebook you can make genograms for patients and clients while staying in a screen-free conversation.
  • GUIDES & GRIDS – To help keep genograms organized and easy to understand, the background of this notepad includes a light grey grid plus designated lines for each generation of the family tree.

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