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PDF Mini Poster: A Compassionate Anatomy of a Help Rejecting Complainer

Image is titled "Help-Rejecting Complainer." In the middle of the image is a hand-drawn person with light colored skin, long and wavy brown hair. They are wearing glasses and a green sweater, holding a yellow cat. There are phrases all around the person, describing a help-rejecting complainer: has learned to complain as a way to access care; may fear problem-resolution would end support; usually is not aware of pattern; may be h helped through kind naming of pattern/curiosity about deeper need; complains as a way to seek support, but rejects help; struggles to tolerate the pain of hoping that a solution might work and potential disappointment; vocally displeased at being indoors, refuses to leave when door is opened; typical response: "that won't work" (often unable or unwilling to try).

Download includes 1 8.5×11 printable PDF.

[click here to jump to a detailed image description for screen readers]

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