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PDF: Positive and Negative Coping Skills Educational Poster

PDF mockup image of the coping jars illustration. There are three glass jars drawn on the left hand side of the image with corresponding phrases on the right side. The first jar has a grey screw-on cap and a label that says “Negative Skillz.” The jar is filled with three grey rocks. The corresponding text reads, “We developed negative coping skills because they worked to help us survive.” The second jar has a cork stopper and is empty, except for a small spider web in the upper left corner of the jar. The corresponding text reads, “Healing isn’t ‘getting rid’ of the ways we cope.” The third jar has a grey screw-on cap and a label that reads “Jar O’ Copes.” It is filled with rocks of various colors and shapes. The corresponding text reads, “Healing is finding and *adding* healthier ways to cope so we rely less and less on coping in ways that aren’t good for us.”

For more information on this infographic, view the article.


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