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Printable PDF: Rupture and Repair Art by Lindsay Braman and The Allender Center

Illustration on a beige background that is titled “Rupture & Repair.” Text on the image reads, “Not knowing how to repair leads to playing it safe and to shallow, unsatisfying relationships. Rupture is inevitable. Repair takes work. Repair might feel like a myth because it’s so rare, but it’s real! Repair is more than ‘I’m sorry.’ It’s also: naming it happened, owning our role, naming the impact (& listening to their version), wondering how it was co-created, and planning a way forward.” Image created by @LindsayBraman from a lecture on attachment by @AllenderCenter.

This illustration was created with permission from resources created by The Allender Center, an organization that provides trauma-informed training for both professionals and non-professionals in the mental health field. Check out their courses and workshops here.

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