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Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel Blank Worksheets, Coloring Pages, & XXL Worksheets

downloadable worksheet for learning to connect body sensations with emotions

Feedback on the original emotion-sensation wheel I created in early 2020 led to this worksheet pack. This pack includes the emotion-sensation wheel in three different sizes, with solid black and white lines and an empty outer circle. It’s designed to be used collaboratively with students or clients in 3 ways:
1.  Have students or clients fill out the outer ring with the particular sensations that they experience in their own body- helping grow awareness and integrate bodily experience and emotional experience.
2. A coloring sheet for art-based interventions. “What color is ‘mad’?” “is feeling ‘disappointed’ striped or solid?” These might sound like odd questions, but for less verbal teens and many adult visual thinkers, matching colors and patterns, rather than words, to feelings can build emotional awareness and mind-body integration. This sheet can be used as a coloring book page with or without adding text to the outer ring.
3. With the body sensation ring left open for custom answers, it makes it possible for this sheet to be used as a traditional feelings wheel. The outer ring can be filled with the nuanced emotions an individual assigns to the matching word in the middle ring.

What’s Included:

Buyers of this PDF pack will receive a zip file containing a black and white version of a blank-outer-circle emotion sensation wheel you can print in three sizes:
1. A standard 8.5″ x 11″ worksheet that’s easy to print and ready to use (create this standard size worksheet by printing the XXL page with “fit to page” setting activated on your printer.
2. A 2 Page tiled PDF with the wheel split half and half. Although it requires printing and taping two pages together, this larger size makes the small slots of the wheel easier to fill out by hand.
3. A large format file (prints up to 20″ x 20″ without losing quality)  This large file can be emailed to a print shop that does large format prints for color-your-own posters. (Send to your local FedEx and specifically ask for an architectural print- it should be under $2.50 per print)
Feel free to reproduce this worksheet in accordance with the license you purchase, but note that republishing (including handbooks, client guides, binders, your own social media, etc) or sharing with colleagues who have not purchased a license to use the worksheet professionally is prohibited. Read more about getting permission to publish.

Emotion Sensation Wheel Blank Worksheets and Poster PDF Download

Printing tip: For smooth, crisp lines on a standard 8.5 x 11 page, set the following in your printer settings: 1. select “fit to page,” 2. choose “high-quality printing.”