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Spanish Language Emotion Sensation Wheel Bundle | Poster, Handout, & Worksheet

Rueda de sensación de emoción en español – Paquete de 8.5 “x 11”

Countless therapists, teachers, and individuals have let me know how helpful my Emotion Sensation Wheel has been as a tool to help people grow emotional awareness through prompting thought about the physical sensations that accompany emotions. Now, I’m happy to announce it’s available in Spanish! Download below!

The Spanish version is free for personal use and for teachers, social workers, health care providers, and therapists in schools and non-profit organizations, (click here to request a free copy if you qualify) this download includes 3 pages: 1 Full Color version, 2. black and white version, and 3. a blank worksheet version (in which people can fill out how each emotion feels to them in their own body).

Standard downloads print on a standard 8.5×11″ sheet of paper, while paid tiers include a bonus download big enough for mini-poster printouts up to 11″x13″

TRANSLATED BY: Karla Arredondo. Would you like to see this or other resources available in another language? If you are bilingual and psych-savvy, I’d love to work with you on expanding the emotion wheel to even more languages. Contact me to indicate interest. Emotion Sensation Feeling Wheel Spanish Version PDF Download


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