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Reflective Therapy Journal Template – Worksheet

This download is designed for individuals as well as mental health professionals to download and use as a resource. It can be used as a journal template, a print worksheet, or a digital backdrop for tablet-based journaling apps. It’s included below in a few formats, the most colorful of which is specifically designed for helping teens and tweens reflect on their experience in therapy, while more minimalist black and white versions are perfect for printing hard copies for adults.  Like all my resources, the design emphasizes making the content easy to engage without being overly clinical.

This collection includes three versions of the same therapy journaling template. Version 1: is plain, black and white, and suitable for printing as a printed worksheet for all ages. Version 2: a minimalist full-color version, suitable for printing or for use as a digital template for tablet-based journalling apps. Version 3: Version three is specifically designed to feel even less clinical. It’s colorful and fun and can be used in print form or as a background for digital journals.

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