A few years ago I created these dog and pony line drawings for a friend, which evolved into black and white coloring book pages I’d keep in my office for kids when their parents were visiting. They were based on my horses and a a friend’s horse, so while they have lots of sentimental value, they’re fun drawings I think might appeal to horse crazy kids beyond my front door.

Feel free to print these coloring pages for personal use. Just click each of the images below to be taken to a full size version of the image you can print.

Please take a moment to share in the comments your or your children’s artistic interpretations of the color missing from my line drawings- I’d love to see it!

Free Coloring Book Page Printable - Dog and Pony Showhorsehug_1_2014

May be printed for personal use. May not be reprinted in bulk, published, or reproduced for profit without permission

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