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illustrated image showing two women

Intergenerational Trauma – Doodle and Questionnaire

If you aren't naming and breaking the cycles that have entangled you, you are participating in them. It's true in ...
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Balancing stress and support to avoid burnout - doodle by lindsay braman

The Voice of Burnout is Not YOUR Voice – A Sketchnote on Burnout

The voice of burnout is not YOUR voice. Burnout will say you aren't cut out for it, that you don't ...
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Personhood Podcast: Anxiety

Some humans I know made a pretty cool podcast, and I made a doodle of episode #5! If you are ...
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Doodle: Can we Trust our Bodies? Internal vs External Authority

Taking care of a body can be really confusing. As more and more data and tech are available to us, ...
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A digital artist's Side by side comparison review of drawing on a Surface Pro 4 vs the 2018 11in iPad Pro and Second Generation Apple Pencil

Side by Side Comparison of Digital Drawing on the Surface Pro vs the iPad Pro 2018

For about a year, I've been trying to take my art digital, and learn to create digital illustrations via a drawing app ...
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How to Respond to Self Harm – A Printable Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Friends

Research shows that 15-20% of teens self harm. Brain scans of teens who cut or self-harm are likely to show ...
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Study Tips from Psychology Researchers

How to Study – A Sketchnote on 5 New Research Backed Study Techniques

When it comes to studying, most of us probably think we've got it down, but modern research is challenging some ...
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tips for drawing digitally with a Surface Pro

4 Tips for Digital Drawing and Illustration on a Surface Pro 4 and 6

As an artist accustomed to trying and sketching on paper, adapting to a digital format has been a challenge. Though ...
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Listening Well: On Being Impacted by Others (Sketchnote)

I've noticed a recent trend in culture towards the co-opting of mindfulness for the for-profit beast of the "wellness" industry ...
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Tips for Connecting with Teens as a Helping Professional

In response to often being lectured at instead of listened to, struggling teens may use apathy and resistance to gain ...
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