Refund Policy for Paid Printable Downloads

My team and I work hard to make sure my premium PDF downloads are formatted to make it easy to print resources at home with high-quality results. We stand behind these products 100%, but we understand that they cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. If you would like to request a refund, contact me and indicate “refund request” in the subject line.

When requesting a refund, I do ask that you meet the following refund policy conditions:

  • You are within the first 30 days of the original purchase.
  • You have contacted our support team and allowed us to attempt to resolve your issue(s), or have explained why the refund is needed.
  • You agree to destroy physical copies and delete digital resources if a refund is granted.

If your issue(s) comes from not being able to download, unzip, open, or print the resource, we will happily consider your refund request OR provide limited support for these issues.