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About Me

photo of lindsay braman in a sweater on a cobblestone street

My work as an illustrator, where I interpret psychological concepts into playful visuals, informs one of my favorite parts about doing therapy with individuals: helping people find their own strengths and use them to translate between their unique internal experience and the external world.

I grew up in rural Kansas, received a bachelor’s degree in English in Missouri, and before my career shift into the mental health field, I spent 11 years working in tech. I launched several e-commerce companies including, eventually, my own. My experience as an entrepreneur in the tech field gives me an inside perspective on the unique challenges of highly-driven individuals experiencing symptoms of burnout.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Before branching into private practice I was based in a community mental health clinic in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of South Seattle, where I worked with teens and adults with diverse challenges.

My therapy practice is currently closed as I focus my energy on creating resources that bridge the realm of mental health and art.

These days, you’ll find me in my studio space in the thriving arts and culture scene on Cherokee Street in Saint Louis, MO.

I am a member of the Artist Advisory Board for St Louis gallery & creative space The Luminary, and a supporter of the work and mission of Freedom Arts & Education Center.