Common Questions

Many questions about my work and how you may use it are answered below. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out.

USing My Art

Limited permission to repost my art to social media including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is permitted. To read about exclusions and how I must be credited, review my repost policy before sharing.

Permission to republish my art is granted on a case-by-case basis, typically with a reasonable licensing fee required.  Contact me to inquire about purchasing a license for use in your website, ebook, course, or other publishing outlet.

My art may NOT be published to other media platforms (your own website, a newsletter, etc) without written permission or the purchase of a license to republish.  Publishing my art, in credited or uncredited form,  or otherwise using my creative property in a way that violates copyright may result in a copyright claim, DMCA Takedown Notice, post-licensing fee assessments, and penalties imposed by your publishing platform.

Unauthorized use is monitored by the legal team at Pixsy Inc

Can I translate your art for my blog/social media account/etc?

I am enthusiastic about making my art available in other languages, however, to maintain the visual appearance of my art, I only license translations that I letter myself. Unauthorized translations of my work may be subject to DMCA claims.

How to get my mental health art translated into your language

Thanks to the support of Patrons, I have a budget that allows me to fairly compensate translators* for their time and expertise in providing text translations that make it possible for me to produce versions of my art in other languages. I’ve even made sure that my handwriting font, used for much of my art, includes characters distinct to the alphabets used in by Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Romanian, and other languages.

*Due to a limited budget, I am not able to pay for translation into less common languages. If translators volunteer, however, I’m happy to help make these resources available to your community.

How can translated resources be used?

Translated versions of my work are always free for personal use and for professionals working with ESL populations. A few resources (like my feeling wheels which have become popular professional resources in for-profit businesses in Spanish-speaking-countries) may have a nominal fee for licensing for use outside of the USA. US-based ESL therapists will continue to have free access to all Spanish resources as part of my commitment to making my work accessible to groups historically disadvantaged.

Interested in Translating my art? Use the contact form to let me know.

Problems with digital Purchases

Problem: You’ve received your confirmation email with download links, but nothing happens when you click the link.

Explanation: Many devices download files to a designated folder and do not automatically open the file or display a success notification. With a fast internet connection, the file may transfer to your device before you even notice there’s a download in progress!


  1. navigate to your downloads folder and manually open the file, or
  2. try downloading from a different device. Desktop computers often make it much easier to find and open downloaded files. 

This common issue is easily remedied, through one of the following options.

  1. Use the built-in file decompression services that come with modern computers. Here’s how to use window’s built-in unzip feature with a single click, and simple instructions for Apple products.
  2. Upload the file to an online file unzipping service. (Please note, you are responsible for understanding their terms of service and not uploading my intellectual property to file-sharing services)

If you open your file and discover only a screen of gibberish (text filled with letters, numbers, and special characters), this usually means that your device’s settings have assigned an incompatible software program to open files of that type.

To resolve this error and access your file, try downloading and opening the file on another device or drop the file temporarily into Google Drive, where web-based software will offer you the option to open and print.


Customers who opt-in to become patrons become more than just customers of existing work- they become partners in creating new resources. Through a $5/mo membership, you’ll have access to my entire portfolio (including permission to use all resources under single or shared professional use license as long as your patronage remains active)

Patreon members can access all of their benefits through my Patreon: To access your downloads, login to your Patreon account and scroll through my archive- you’ll find everything that’s on my website- plus lots more!

When you’re done being a Patreon, you’ll need to log into your Patreon account and end your support. Because Patreon shields your personal information from creators, I am unable to make changes to your membership for you.