The psychoeducational art I share to my Instagram account may be shared and reposted to social media as long as the following is observed:

1. @lindsaybraman must be credited in the first 140 characters of the caption.
2. The art may not be edited in any way (this includes cropping, filters, text overlay, etc).
3. With exceptions* my art may not being used to promote a business or commercial account.

* = Republishing to commercial social media accounts is allowed for individuals and businesses that are current Patrons of my work, have purchased a professional use license for the art, or who have been granted permission.

Images may NOT be republished to other media platforms (your own website, a newsletter, etc) without permission. Contact me with questions.

Reposting uncredited or altered art, or otherwise using materials in a way that violates copyright may result in a copyright claim, DMCA Takedown Notice, and account limitations imposed by social media platforms on copyright offenders.