It’s natural that parents with anxious kids want to soothe them. Watching someone we love struggle can be overwhelming- especially when, at first, it seems so easy to offer the soothing that could bring relief.

For many, the very natural urge to soothe an anxious child can begin to slip down a slippery slope towards accommodations. Examples of accommodation might be speaking up for a socially anxious child when a relative asks them a question at a family gathering, answering reassuringly each time your child asks if their favorite shirt will be washed in time for school tomorrow, playing an active role in elaborate bedtime rituals created to sooth bedtime anxiety, or scheduling doctor’s appointments that you know aren’t necessary in order to soothe a child’s worry.

The coaching offered to parents in this Yale study focused on how to reduce accommodations while still supporting kids and acknowledging their difficulties.  (Responding with statements like “I know you are scared, but I know you can do this.”)

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