Rainbow of Emotional Regulation - A Printable PDF Social Emotional Learning Resource.
drawing of a notebook with a blank crisis plan added
lindsay braman trauma avocado teaching model
Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel; an image showing three inset circles. The inner wheel is basic emotions- happy, sad, disgust, etc- the middle circle contains feeling words- despair, disappointment, awe, etc. The outer circle contains words that describe a sensation that someone might feel in their body if they were feeling the corresponding emotion.


We’re all visual thinkers

From our earliest moments, we learn about ourselves, others, and the world around us through visual cues.

I believe art can help make mental health education more accessible- and that accessible resources are a step towards making connections, growing, and helping us all care a little better for ourselves and others.

I’m Lindsay.

I make visual resources for therapists

I’m an artist, therapist, educator, and visual translator working to help make mental health education accessible to everyone.

As I doodled my way through a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, I discovered that the way I visualize information is a little different. With practice and encouragement, I found my niche as a mental health illustrator. Learn more about me and my work.

Let’s Create Something Together.

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