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Accuracy: I prioritize accuracy in my content and strive to provide reliable, research-backed information to my readers. However, we acknowledge that errors may occur and information may become out of date over time. If you believe there is an error in an article or illustration on, please let me know through my contact form or through a direct email to

Research-based. I strive to ensure that’s content is not only accurate but also that mental health claims are backed up by evidence-based, peer-reviewed research studies or similarly authoritative sources. If you locate a statement not referenced and you’d like to identify the source, please reach out through my contact form or through a direct email to

Affiliate links: Affiliate links are used sparingly and inserted only when I would have recommended the product even if affiliate commission were not available (for example: when a book is suggested as further reading on a topic). always discloses when an article contains affiliate links to a product or company. This disclosure is always located before the affiliate link.

Private investments: If a circumstance ever occurs in which I or a research assistant have equity in a private business mentioned in my editorial content, we will disclose this information.