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types of stress poster thumbnail
Types of Stress: A Psychoeducational Doodle
Spanish language window of tolerance handout
Spanish Language Window of Tolerance Educational Handout
Assessment and Empathy Sketchnote
Assessment & Empathy PDF Sketchnote
Handout explaining what allostatic load is
Allostatic Load- Sketchnote-Style Explainer Handout - Printable PDF
Dysfunctional Dinosaurs - a Doodle about Family Dynamics and Adult Sibling Conflicts
A three page pack of resources on burnout
Burnout and Vicarious Trauma 3 Page Resource - 2020 Edition
An Illustrated Guide to Relationship Building in a Pandemic
Differentiation vs Group Think - Illustrated Resource
Rupture and Repair as a Normal Part of Therapy
Pizza Themed Feeling Wheel for Kids
Pizza Themed Feeling Wheel for Kids - Printable PDF Resource
Pizza Themed Feeling Wheel Interactive Worksheet by Lindsay Braman
Questions Aren't Connections - PDF Download
Normal Trauma Responses vs PTSD: Interpreting the Research- Sketchnote + Visual
Drawing to Remember - How Art can Improve Memory and Test Scores
Disorganized Attachment - Video Teaching Tool
Good trauma therapy helps reduce the impact of trauma so we have more room for positive feelings, health relationships, and kind self care.
How (Good) Trauma Therapy Works - PDF Bundle
Intrusive Thought Flow Chart
Intrusive Thought Flowchart - PDF Download
Positive Childhood Experiences help build resiliency to future adverse experiences
Positive Childhood Experiences, Illustrated
Mental Health Disaster Response and Recovery
Emotional Experience - Phases of Disaster and Collective Trauma: A Graph
Healthy Conflict Sketchnote
Thumbnails from sketch notes on parenting and childhood adversity
Sketch note pack on parenting and childhood adversity
Early Education Taxpayer Return on Investment Handout
How we Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn in Difficult Conversations: Adapting a Learning Mindset
Group Therapy Sketchnotes
Racism isn't a binary, it's a spectrum
Racism as a Spectrum not a Binary - Illustrated 8.5x11 Page
A sketchnote by Lindsay Braman of an article on white silence by Robin Diangelo
Sketchnote of Nothing To Add, written by Robin DiAngelo
Feelings Wheel for Dogs
The Feelings Wheel- for Dogs! - Download a XXL Printable PDF
Intuitive Eating Coloring Page - FREE
Magical Thinking Art + Worksheet
Coping Skills Psychoeducational Resource
Thumbnails from a therapist-designed activity book created to help kids process COVID-19 and thrive beyond quarantine
Covid Kids Activity Book - Printable E-Book
Feeling Forecast Worksheet Pack- Emotion Regulation Teaching Tool
Feeling Forecast - 3 pc Kids Worksheet Set
lindsay braman trauma avocado teaching model
Trauma Recovery Avocado Model - Print Resource
Hand Model of the Brain - A Doodle Illustrated Poster
Mindful Grounding Activities Card Deck
Window of Tolerance + Stress: Coloring Book Page Teaching Resource
Printable genogram reference key
Genogram Symbol Key
Genogram Symbol Flashcards - 125 pack (Includes Basic Ecomap and Health symbols)
downloadable worksheet for learning to connect body sensations with emotions
Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel Blank Worksheets, Coloring Pages, & XXL Worksheets
The Impact of Stress on Window of Tolerance
Therapy Interventions for Families with Young Children
Double Pack: Family Therapy Resources + Meaning Making Activities for Kids during COVID-19 Isolation
Printable Daily Check-in Worksheet for Mental Wellbeing During COVID Isolation
Managing Mood & Mental Health In a Pandemic - Printable
an image showing three inset circles. The inner wheel is basic emotions- happy, sad, disgust, etc- the middle circle contains feeling words- despair, disappointment, awe, etc. The outer circle contains words that describe a sensation that someone might feel in their body if they were feeling the corresponding emotion.
Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel - Therapy Resource
Therapy: Expectation vs. Reality Poster-Sized PDF
Reflective Therapy Journal Template - Worksheet
Psychology Themed Valentines - Digital Download Printables
Therapy Takes Time Poster
Steps to Containing a Mental Health Crisis - RO-DBT model
HIPAA Training Flowchart Guide to Calling a Client - Professional Resource
Maladaptive Overcontrol - Visual Resources
LB Winnicott - A Blocky Handdrawn Header Font
Handwritten font for download
LB Maladaptive Overcontrol - A Ultra-Neat Handwriting Font
Gottman's 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Illustrated Handout
How we Language Traumatic Events Matters - Download an Illustrated PDF Resource
Window of Tolerance Psycho-Educational Series - Illustrated by Lindsay Braman
Disclosing Trauma in New Relationships: Tiered Disclosure Illustrated Resources
Body Trust and Food Security - 3 Part Doodle Series
Embodied Grounding Exercise - FREE Printable
How to Get to Sleep Flow Chart -
A Flowchart for Getting to Sleep - A Playful take on Sleep Hygiene
No One Gets to Define For Us what a Good Life Is
Not Knowing Everything Your Kid does Online is a Good Thing
Practicing Everyday Mindfulness Worksheet
If You Sprinkle: Body Justice Image
Adult Attachment Styles Spectrum
Therapy is (Supposed to Be) Hard - Psychology Art
Depression can Cause Permanent Changes in the Brain - Psychoeducational Graphic
Burnout and the Brain - Psychoeducational Resource on Burnout
How to Respond to Self Harm - A Printable Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Friends
Breaking Cycles of Intergenerational Trauma
Intuitive Eating Infographic: Internal vs External Authority
Trigger Tracker Worksheet Printable
Blank Safety Plan
FONT: LB Social Learning
FONT: LB Radical Openness
FONT: LB Clinically Significant
FONT: LB Catharsis
Font download
FONT: LB Intermittent Reinforcement
Good Therapy Agitates - Visual