I help people turn their creative passion into sustainable income.

Find your voice.

Build your audience.

Convert your creative energy into assets.

Grow your business as you create on your own terms.

Let me show you how.

My own creative passion, professional credentials as a psychotherapist, and entrepreneurial energy helped me create strategies for helping artists and creators of all skills levels create sustainable passive income.

An artist studio with art and natural wood.

NOTE: Due to my own creative business, currently my coaching work is limited to Patreon creators in (or able to travel to) Saint Louis, MO.

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Lindsay's face in Patagonia.

Meet lindsay.

(that’s me)

A child of two creative entrepreneurs, I’ve never really thought about work in the same way that most people do. Freedom to think a little differently about vocation helped me successfully launch several startups before eventually settling into the rhythms of being a full-time creative.

And let me be clear- I am an artist first and foremost.

For me, coaching isn’t a side-hustle; it’s a way I express my own creative energy. Helping other artists meet their entrepreneurial goals is exciting, energizing, and often synergistic.

In addition to two decades as an entrepreneur, I also hold a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology- training that helps me deeply listen, identify barriers to creative and professional success, and collaboratively build individualized coaching plans for each person I work with.

I LOVE what I do and I love helping other creatives unlock their creative potential and financial sustainability.

Find vocational freedom through creativity.

I help creatives convert skill into a steady income.

If you’ve struggled to find a way to get your art, music, or other creative work to pay the bills, you aren’t alone.

As I’ve navigated the professional realm of entrepreneurial tech startups and mingled in social circles of artists and creatives, I’ve noticed these two worlds rarely intersect.

Most business coaches don’t understand the unique processes of the creative mind or the best monetization models for using creative assets to build passive income.

Artists, meanwhile, often create prolifically but struggle to find their audience, effectively market what they make, and create sustainable incomes.

With career experience in both fields and more than a little study into what makes creative minds tick, I coach clients through strategies for business building that place creative passion and sustainability at the center.

An artist studio with art and natural wood.

your Creative business is unlike any other.

If you’d like to learn more about my services or start a conversation about whether the dream you are stewarding would be a good fit for my approach, send me a message below.

    As of 2024, my Creative Business Coaching is available only in St Louis, however weekend intensives are available for creatives willing to travel.