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Printable Mental Health Illustrations for Kids

Emotions are an incredibly important part of our lives. They influence how we interact with the world and the people around us, and can have a profound effect on our lives. Because of this, the ability to notice, acknowledge, and understand emotions is a valuable skill. 

As people who spend a lot of time with children, one key task of educators, parents, and caregivers is helping kids develop the ability to check in with themselves, notice what they are feeling, and express those feelings appropriately. Helping kids develop a robust vocabulary to describe emotions may help them communicate their emotions, which has been linked to improved social support seeking. In other words, kids who can describe what they are feeling can communicate those feelings to peers and adults.

Kids who develop even a basic awareness of noticing their emotional state and who learn skills they can use to get back into a better frame of mind when they notice they are feeling dysregulated are kids who are better equipped to weather the inevitable storms of life and healthy relationships with just a little more flexibility, resilience, and capacity to thrive.  

How to Use These Downloads:

Explore these PDF resource downloads that are designed to help aid children in this process of noticing, naming, and understanding their emotions. By using these resources side-by-side with an adult, they can help children to understand and express their emotions, and can help adults to better understand and connect with children.

Tips for Higher Quality PDF Prints:

For smooth, crisp lines on a standard 8.5 x 11 page, set the following in your printer settings:

  • On the printer dialogue box, select “fit to page” or “shrink oversize pages”
  • Choose “high-quality printing.”
  • Use a fresh ink cartridge and bright white paper for best results.