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Printable Resources on Trauma and PTSD

More than 60% of adults in the US have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime, with one in four experiencing multiple traumas. That means that trauma is something that touches almost all of us in some way. While the causes of trauma are as varied as the individuals who experience it, the effects of trauma are often similar.

Trauma happens when we experience something that is so overwhelming and so outside of our ability to cope that it leaves us feeling shattered. It can be a one-time event, or it can be something that happens over and over, and can have a wide range of physical and emotional effects. 

The good news is that there are effective treatments available for trauma survivors. From finding support through a variety of trauma-focused therapy options to research and resources that can help explain the after effects and how to cope, there is hope and help for you on your journey to healing.

How to Use These Downloads:

If you are a therapist or mental health professional, I hope you will find these resources helpful in your work with clients. If you are a trauma survivor, I hope you will find them helpful in your own healing journey. Explore and download these trauma- and PTSD-related PDF’s for yourself!

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