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Printables for Parents

As a parent, there’s a lot of pressure to meet every need and make everything okay. But the truth is, we can’t do that. We can’t soften every blow or soothe every disappointment. What we can do is listen and validate. 

This capacity to respond well (and knowledge of what “responding well” looks like) to the needs of a child is one of the most important challenges a parent or caregiver can face. Yet, in a world where parenting is often a juggling act of work, home, and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to sometimes find the time and energy to respond well to a child’s needs, let alone dive into research regarding best approaches or new findings. 

With the help of emerging research in neurobiology, brain development, and relationships, mental health professionals and early childhood development experts are learning how to better support parents in raising healthy, resilient kids. (And that’s what these resources are aimed to help with!)

Research shows that – above all – when a parent takes the time to really listen to their child and understand their feelings, it can help the child feel valued and supported. This type of responsive, engaged, and intentional parenting can help children feel secure and build resilience in the face of challenges. While it can be difficult to be a responsive parent all the time, it is important to remember that every interaction with a child is an opportunity to build a strong, healthy relationship. 

At the end of the day, kids need to know that it’s okay to feel big feelings, and that they’re not alone in their experiences. They need to know that they have the support of their caregivers in understanding and navigating those feelings. When we give our kids permission to feel their feelings and offer them support in managing those feelings, we’re setting them up for success. We’re teaching them how to regulate their emotions and how to find resiliency in the face of crisis. Explore these resources to find support in doing just that.

How to Use These Downloads:

A passion of mine is creating illustrations and resources that help parents understand the latest research on child development. My hope is that these printable resources will help parents – through use in parenting classes, one-on-one with parenting coaches, or by individual parents for their own development – to feel more confident in their parenting skills and to better understand their children’s needs.

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