Printed and interactive resources can help us engage clients, patients, and students in a way that teaching or describing cannot. In my professional work as a therapist, I noticed that many psychology resources are highly clinical. These overly clinicial resources can sometimes cause clients to shut down or disengage. In my work I focus on creating engaging and non-pathologizing resources for use by professionals or for individuals in their own personal work.

The resources below are not intended to diagnose or treat any mental illness and use does not constitute a professional relationship (see terms of use for more details). However, when used for education or entertainment, OR by professional therapists in a professional context, these tools can be helpful resources for developing awareness, growing skills, or communicating about difficult topics.

Worksheet Printing Tips:
tips for best results printing the resources on my site

Tips for High Quality Prints:

For smooth, crisp lines on a standard 8.5 x 11 page, set the following in your printer settings:

  • On the printer dialogue box, select “fit to page” or “shrink oversize pages”
  • Choose “high-quality printing.”
  • Use a fresh ink cartridge and bright white paper for best results.

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Identifying, understanding, and managing our emotions is key to navigating a fulfilling life. Our emotions are complex and can be confusing, they also deeply impact how we get along with others and how we see the world. That’s why it’s important to learn about our emotions, have a vocabulary to help describe them, and to really understand what’s going on inside us.

When we take the time to understand our emotions better, we begin a journey of self-awareness. This journey helps us to not only grow our self-awareness, but also helps us communicate our feelings more clearly and honestly with those around us. Being able to communicate our emotional experiences effectively can greatly improve our relational connection with others and can help us navigate our relationships more smoothly – especially when we are experiencing conflict or other emotionally-charged moments.

Using These Printable Worksheets:

Whether you are diving into this process yourself or helping someone as they take this journey themselves, you might be looking for resources to help the process. Well-designed worksheets can help us by growing our ability to name and own our feelings,reflect, and build skills to create better connections with others.