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Ways to Manage Food & Exercise that are Anti-Diet Image may not be published, presented, or duplicated without permission

Numbers, timers, scales, and bell curves are not the measure of health- they are external authorities sold to us as measures of goodness, permission, and performance.

Fear and disorientation are normal first responses to the idea that perhaps all these wellness apps and fitness trackers are deeply tied to patriarchal motives to co-opt bodies into something that can be kept small and profitable.

But somewhere deep and very young, we know our bodies remember how to notice when we are hungry, how to cry out for food, how to sense when we are satiated, and when to stop eating. That wisdom, though only a whisper, remains. With intention and attention, that awareness can grow into an internal authority that is safe, trustworthy, stable, and kind- everything that diet culture is not.

More resources on listening to internal authority:

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