Ways to Manage Food & Exercise After Giving Up Diet Culture

Numbers, timers, scales, and bell curves are not the measure of health- they are external authorities sold to us as measures of goodness, permission, and performance.

Fear and disorientation are normal first responses to the idea that perhaps all these wellness apps and fitness trackers are deeply tied to patriarchal motives to co-opt bodies into something that can be kept small and profitable.

But somewhere deep and very young, we know our bodies remember how to notice when we are hungry, how to cry out for food, how to sense when we are satiated, and when to stop eating. That wisdom, though only a whisper, remains. With intention and attention, that awareness can grow into an internal authority that is safe, trustworthy, stable, and kind- everything that diet culture is not.

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Internal vs. external authority image
Taking care of a body can be really confusing. As more and more data and tech is available to us, it’s so tempting to consume and compare- but trusting trackers, food logs, and external body ideals actually erodes trust in our own body. Ignoring our internal cues when it comes to food and movement can make it much harder to tune into that system of inner knowing when we really need it (like in relationships, in getting medical care, or in situations where we need to assess our personal safety). . . . In case no one has told you lately: YOUR BODY IS WISE. Your body is not the enemy. It does not require being caged, restricted, or controlled. It deserves to be treated with the care you’d give to someone you love: Let it take up space. Don’t ignore it when it’s talking, and if it’s just whispering, pause to listen- because its voice matters. . . Get a printable version of this via Patreon (link in profile- new Patreon release coming soon!) . .
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Image Description for Screen Readers:

Pink background with a grey banner that has red tape in the top corners. Banner reads, “Ways to Internally Regulate Food & Movement After Ditching Diet-Culture.” Below are three images and correlating text. The first is an image of a person’s stomach and the text says, “Hunger, fullness, appetite.” The second is a heart that is being hugged. The text says, “Listening to inner wisdom.” The third image is of a flexed bicep, and the text says, “Energy level and strength.” Illustration created by Lindsay Braman.

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