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A resource exploring the ways art can be a doorway to engaging a diverse range of emotions.

In 2022, the Museum of Modern Art reached out with a request to commission an illustration for their digital platform’s work to engage conversations on art and mental health. (Yes, The MoMA! I’m still recovering from the thrill!)

In response to their prompt to consider how viewing art can be an opportunity to discover more of our emotional selves, I created a panel of 51 emotion-figures. In this poster-sized panel, each character represents an emotion that someone might feel in response to viewing art in a museum, gallery, or even online. The resulting piece is titled Caution: Art May Cause You to Feel. The full image can be seen on MoMA Magazine.

process shot of MoMA art commission.

Caution: Art May Cause you to Feel

In this illustration, I explore the diverse emotional experiences that often come with the experience of viewing art.

 “Experiences with art may stir up emotions that disrupt, surprise, and prompt us to encounter our emotional selves.”

process shot of Caution: art may may you feel art.

Marking Milestones

Truthfully, I’m a little more comfortable tucking my head and trudging along with my daily work than I am tooting my own horn, but there’s a time and place for noting how far we’ve come, and I know that for me, this is one of those times. 

This collaboration offered the rare chance to flex my creative writing muscles in addition to my illustration skills. In the written article, I reflect on how a 5th-grade art museum visit left me stunned by the power of art to evoke emotion, and how I learned to engage in viewing art as an experience not totally dissimilar to the art of listening to stories.

SEE THE FEATURE or or read an essay post about my emotional journey creating this piece

process shot of MoMA art commission.

  Get a Print of this Art 

While MoMA has permission to use this art exclusively for a season, the CAUTION: Art May Make You Feel feelings poster will be available as a PDF download and poster-sized print later this year.

Now available to download! Purchase a digital copy below or read more about this art and how to use it in a classroom.

A field guide to feelings art on a blue background


  1. I am so glad to have come across your work.
    It feels so current and graphically illustrates many of the ways Art Therapy can be used for communication.
    Thank you

  2. I love the Caution: Art May Cause You to Feel print. I can’t wait to use it with my grandson when we got to the art museum. Thank you so much for sharing your work with MoMA!

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