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Illustration Series: Intuitive Eating Vampires

I drew this intuitive eating inspired doodles while on vacation in Translyvania (true story!). As I passed through this part of Romania with its kitschy vampire-themed tourism, I got to thinking about how vampires are the perfect mascots for Intuitive Eating: One theory I’d love to research one day is the parallel development of the vampire-myth and diet-culture in the 20th century. As privileged people in western nations began increasingly to affiliate “goodness” and “morality” with avoiding certain foods and maintaining certain eating rituals, did humans displace our fear of our own desire onto these monstrous creatures who, once they began eating, could never be satiated? Like humans in countless generations before us, did we create a monster that held what we feared most about ourselves?

In any case, these “monsters” are the perfect poster children for Intuitive Eating. Although they once lived in the restrict-binge cycle of disordered eating, my imagination for these anti-diet, intuitive-eating informed vampires is that they now practice permission, mindful eating, and awareness of their own body’s hunger, fullness, and satiation cues and trust their internal authority. Image may not be published, presented, or duplicated without permission

In the intuitive eating model, we check in with ourselves before eating. Instead of eating because it’s available, we remind ourselves (if we have the privilege to do so) that food will be available later, and we only need to eat if it feels good to eat. Image may not be published, presented, or duplicated without permission

In intuitive eating, we’re invited to feed the hunger that’s present: significant hunger gets an appropriate meal, and “just a little peckish” is also worthy of being fed. Image may not be published, presented, or duplicated without permission

The Intuitive Eating model invites us to remove moral values, like good or bad, from food- unless of course it’s been stolen or did not consent to be fed upon by vampires.


Show off this Playful take on Mindful Eating:

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