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Listen to Your Gut

Humans have an innate ability to read people, situations, and our environment. If we pay attention, it helps keep us safe and helps us know how to care well for others. But most of us were taught long ago to ignore our body’s cues and “be nice” instead of practicing how to hear and trust our instinct.

Intuition is that small voice in our gut that helps us navigate the world with wisdom and care for ourselves. Intuition is there to keep us safe. Image may not be published, presented, or duplicated without permission

If you were taught to silence your intuition, there’s hope. Intuition is resilient. In a garden where it is pulled up as a weed, it persists. Choose to water it, talk to it, clear space for it- and it will slowly bloom. Develop your intuition with mindfulness- and check out my worksheet on intentionally practicing mindfulness in everyday activities.

If you are a parent, help your kids develop and listen to their intuition. Check in with your kiddos about how they felt meeting a new person or visiting a new place. Listen, be curious, and validate the *feeling* (even when you hold a different opinion on the reality of the situation). Teaching kids to listen to their gut grows teens and adults who can hear their inner voice over external voices and, through doing so, can make choices to keep themselves safe.