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How to Choose a Therapist – Illustrated

When you’re new to therapy and aren’t really sure what therapy is supposed to feel like, it can be really confusing to try and figure out if a first session or initial consult went well.

Asking questions about experience, training, specialities, and method can be helpful, but research indicates that these things matter less than the degree of trust that therapist and client build together.

Tips on how to choose a therapist.
This image outlines my list of questions to ask yourself after the first contact to get a sense of whether this is a person you could work well with.

Good questions to ask yourself after a first session with a new therapist are:

  1. Did they feel authentic?
  2. Did they interrupt you?
  3. Did they listen well?
  4. Did they seem scripted?
  5. Did they overshare personal details about themselves?
  6. Did you feel empowered or examined?
  7. Were you surprised by anything?
  8. How did you feel when you were with them?
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