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Sometimes finding a therapist can be the hardest part of deciding to start therapy. It can be hard to know where to begin, especially when we’ve all heard stories about not-so-great therapists.

Although online directories like P.T. make it easy to search and sort, it’s worth considering that many of the more experienced, more in-demand therapists don’t advertise, and instead keep their schedule full based on word-of-mouth alone.

I recommend casting a wide net. Ask people you trust if they know any good therapists (this is actually a great segue into a conversation and connection on how you are really doing). Contact those therapists, and if they are full, ask them to refer you to colleagues they recommend.

Trust your gut and check out a few therapists, if you can, before committing to the work with the one you choose. For more resources on starting therapy, check out my resource on How to Start Therapy or a guide to starting therapy when you’re anxious about starting therapy.

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