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PTSD & Trauma Recovery Resources

Research is exploding in the field of PTSD recovery and traumatic stress. In this section we’ve collected a number of resources about trauma and trauma recovery for individuals, educators, and mental health professionals. Some of these resources address coping with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, or supporting a loved one who is dealing with the impacts of traumatic events on their nervous system and behavioral health.

While my illustrations are not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment (see terms of use for more information) I create engaging visuals designed to help communicate emerging research in the field of post-traumatic stress disorder and its interplay with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. These illustrations can be downloaded and printed below, or you can click through to the article to learn more about the key concepts illustrated.

Trauma Triggers: What are They

A letterboard states: Understanding trauma triggers.

Trauma triggers are activated by experiences – big or small – that remind our brains and bodies of past traumatic experiences we’ve gone through. While triggers may be complex to navigate or understand, and while they never truly go away, good trauma therapy can reduce the impact of triggers.

Trauma Recovery: A Visual Model

Good trauma therapy helps reduce the impact of trauma so we have more room for positive feelings, health relationships, and kind self care.

Trauma Therapy Even as someone who has studied trauma therapy for years, I often find it difficult to describe just how trauma therapy works and what someone can expect from “good therapy.” Download this Printable PDF Download this resource for personal reference or professional use below. Download includes vertical and…

Trauma Recovery Avocado Model

lindsay braman trauma avocado teaching model

Trauma and trauma recovery look different for everyone, but generally, there’s a deep, hardened core and a bunch of squishy stuff, all held together by a peel juuuust thick enough to keep us composed unless something comes along to smash us. Sound familiar? I thought an avocado was a great…

Trigger-Tracker Worksheet for Mental Health Journaling and Self-Advocacy

Minimalist Bullet Journal Layout - Mental Health Trigger Tracking

Dismantling mental health triggers often involves a little detective work. Although awareness of “being triggered” can be very obvious, for many people, figuring out specific triggers can be a puzzle. Solving the puzzle requires developing a capacity to seek to know ourselves better, then noticing and tracking backward chronologically to…

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Therapy Is Hard

Therapy is hard work.

Therapy is hard work. It’s ok if a therapy session leaves you sad, shaken up, or exhausted. If, however, you find therapy sessions pushing you into a dark place where you feel like you need to use harmful things to cope, it’s time to re-evaluate. Let your therapist know how…

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